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Assurant is your source for pre-owned devices!

Our smartphones, tablets and wearables are obtained directly from the world’s largest carriers, retailers, and OEMs through their trade-in, buyback, and remorse return programs resulting in a predictable and continuous supply of devices.

Trusted Supplier

You can always be assured of the quality of our devices and the accuracy of our grading.

Vast Inventory

With our wide variety of available models and stock grades, we have the devices that meet your needs.

Customer Service

Developing a long-term relationship is important to us. Assurant is here to assist before, during, or after your purchase.

Commitment to excellence

Automated Diagnostics

Our devices go through automated grading processes that eliminate human error and subjectivity.

To further ensure the devices have been graded accurately, a substantial number of units are randomly selected post-inspection to conduct a final quality check.

Data Sanitization and Security

To ensure all user data is wiped, it is not enough to simply factory reset a device.  At Assurant, we remove and destroy all SIM and memory cards. All personal data is cleared through the use of leading-edge software. Additionally, each device is checked against the GSMA lost and stolen database

Understanding what you’re buying… before you buy

Cosmetic and Functional Conditions

At Assurant, the stock we receive comes to us in all sorts of conditions; from like new to those that show heavy wear.  Furthermore, we sell both fully functional and partially functional devices and are very clear in the tests performed and passed for each grade.

Wide-range of Products

In addition to smartphones available for purchase, we also have tablets and wearables; along with Apple accessories such as AirPods, AirPods Pros, HomePods, Apple TVs and Apple Pencils.

At Assurant, we understand how important it is for our buyers to have the best information they can on the devices they are buying from us. We don’t take the trust that hundreds of buyers from around the globe place in us and our stock lightly.

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